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:an issue of water from the earth

:a source from which something maybe drawn if needed

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our grounding well


our WELL:ness philosophy is grounded in four creative health + healing buckets

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our creative: bucket is rooted in trauma-informed + culturally responsive creative wellness offerings for BIPOC + birthing families of color. These creative offerings are in collaboration with The Diahann Project + The Diahann Project Births + centers the transformative power of creative forms of healing + expression.



our natal: bucket is rooted in trauma-informed + culturally responsive therapeutic offerings that center the birth, perinatal + postpartum spectrum of care for birthing families along with early

childhood mental health for families of color.

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our kinesthetic: bucket is rooted in trauma-focused body-oriented psychotherapeutic offerings that center body + self-liberation, racialized + cultural healing + embodied resilience for BIPOC individuals through person-centered Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

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our conscious: bucket is rooted in community-led social justice action + culturally responsive wellness offerings that center diversity, equity,

inclusion, cultural identity development + trauma healing within the BIPOC experience. These offerings provide professional development

opportunities such as panels, workshops, classes, coaching, consultation, supervision + retreat

spaces for BIPOC practitioners + community members.

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